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The Guitar, The Heart of Spain

  • The Mansion Mansion Ln Leeds, LS8 2HH United Kingdom (map)

Michael Christian Durrant is joined by the flamenco guitarist Samuel Moore ( for a truly original concert performance. 

Although there is an abundance of classical music for the guitar written by prominent Spanish composers such as Rodrigo, De Falla and Tarrega, the link between these writers and the flamenco tradition is often overlooked by Western musicians and classical music lovers alike.  Considering this, and the rich repertoire of music that could be explored with this theme in mind, classical guitarist Michael Christian Durrant and flamenco guitarist Samuel Moore have compiled an exciting new concert program with the specific purpose of exploring this theme in a way that is enjoyable, accessible and informative to both classical music lovers, and flamenco enthusiasts.

The format of this fascinating concert consists of an hour-long solo performance from each artist, starting with an hour of solo flamenco guitar music from Samuel Moore. During this performance, Samuel will showcase the flamenco tradition in all its diverse forms, from fiery dances such as the Bulerias and Tangos, to deep introspective laments such as Solea and Tarrantas. This set will guide your audience through the history of Spain through its most prominent art form, taking them from the Arabic infused time of Moorish Spain, through the turbulent years of the conquest of the new world, all the way to the modern day. The second hour of music in this two-part recital will consist of a solo performance by Michael Christian Durrant, during which, Michael will explore how composers such as De Falla, Rodrigo, Turina and Tarrega drew on flamenco influences to create their unique masterworks. Michael’s recital will also feature a performance of Rodrigo’s well-loved and world-famous Adagio from the Concierto de Aranjuez. This concert will culminate in a duo performance from both Samuel and Michael in which the two artists bring the classical and flamenco traditions together in a fiery original composition. 


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