Guitar, the Heart of Spain - Celebrating a Fiesta at Amantia, Birmingham

A huge thank you to everyone who was able to share in the launch of Guitar, the Heart of Spain at the intimate El Tablao Amantia on Saturday 8th October 2016.  This was far from just a concert performance, this was a fiesta and a celebration of the incredible music that we're exploring with Guitar, the Heart of Spain.  As you'll see from the photographs below, we had a lot of fun and following the warm standing ovation that brought the second performance to a close, Samuel and I were as pleasantly surprised as the audience to share in a completely unexpected Sevillana dance by Isabel Martín Consuegra Barrajón and Marta Retenaga!

Thank you to everyone for making this a truly unforgettable evening.  We are looking forward to continuing the 2016 UK Tour at the University of Leeds on Saturday 22nd October 2016.


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